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Why doesn't the library enforce a silent policy?

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Enforcing quiet in the library has not proved successful largely due to the building design (open areas in which sound travels easily). Because of the design of the building and other factors, imposing quiet is impossible. Though we know some students want quiet study space, we also know that individuals value the multi-functional aspects of the library. The McFadden-Willis Reading Room and KL460 will continue to be used for silent study purposes and these areas have worked well for silent study to date. No public space can ever be truly silent; the quieter a space is, the less it takes to disturb the silence. Students who need absolute silence to study should consider acquiring high quality ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones.

You also have the option to reserve one of the library's 14 Collaborative Work Rooms for private study for up to two hours per day (based on availability). Please contact the Library Services Desk if you experience any noise issues in the Silent Study room or McFadden-Willis Reading room.

Please contact the Services Desk with questions or concerns: 209.228.4444.

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